Patterns Coloring Book


Like coloring? This is a book of twenty pages to color. Once this listing is purchased and confirmed by PayPal, you will be able to download 300 dpi resolution file(s). [See below for more information.] You will receive  black & white coloring page(s), and can print as many as you want from the PDF file(s).

File type: PDF(s).

Size: 300 dpi.

Image: black & white.

Quantity: Total Four (4) PDF’s x 5 Pages each [Quantity = 20 pages total].

Output: 8.5” x 11″.

Payment: PAYPAL.

NOTE: This is a book of four sections of five pages each, for a Toal of twenty pages. Included is the front pages (separate) so you can either print or not to print the front page.

Four sections include the following:

  • Patterns (pages 1-5)
  • Patterns (pages 6-10)
  • Patterns (pages 11-15)
  • Patterns (pages 16-20)

Copyright: The original drawings [images] are copyrighted by MTDesigns. By purchasing and downloading this file you agree to use my artwork for personal use only and not for commercial purposes. Because this is a digital file, it is not eligible for refunds.